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Bloggers Dinner at Ocean Basket

June 29, 2016 Restaurants, Reviews, Uncategorized Clare Karatu Leave a comment

I recently started blogging. I’m sure you can tell how I suck at this whole blogging thing, I’m learning.Put me in front of a camera though!! Now I was very excited to be invited to a bloggers dinner courtesy of Eat Out Kenya. Ocean basket had brought in a world sushi champ. I don’t think I’ll write much about it, here are the videos that we put up. Enjoy and subscribe.


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Blueberry and Cherry cheesecake at Portobello’s Cakes & Bakes

June 29, 2016 Restaurants, Uncategorized Clare Karatu Leave a comment

Whilst reviewing food at Under The Radar, I came across a little cake shop and got distracted in the middle of my shoot y the array of cakes.

I got the owners number and set up a review.


Look at all those blueberries. *Slurp

MY TAKE: If there was a cheesecake heaven that’s what would be served there. If cheesecakes had rulers in a kingdom,

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J’s Risotto

June 27, 2016 Restaurants, Reviews, Uncategorized Clare Karatu Leave a comment


My channel has been sizzling with goodness and that risotto was heat in the sizzle!

Plating: Plated on a wooden block, a lovely pink molded portion of risotto is served. It had lovely slices of beetroot, a cherry tomato and a grilled/ charred tomato and lastly a sprinkle of grated cheese.

MY TAKE: Simple and beautiful.

Taste and Texture: Absolutely creamy. The rice was very close to al dente right at the border of well done.

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